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Gliding Away: 5 Benefits of Introducing Skating to Children

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Skating is a fun activity that many children enjoy. However, parents may hesitate introducing their children to skating due to safety concerns. While it's true that skating can be dangerous, it can also be an excellent way for children to learn more about themselves.

Skating can also be an excellent way for children to learn how to face their fears. Many children may fear falling or getting hurt while skating, but they can overcome these fears with practice and perseverance. But what are the other benefits of introducing skating to children?

1. Makes Kids Active

In today's digital age, getting kids active can be challenging. As most children prefer using a device, they tend to stay in bed most of the time, affecting how active they are in real life. Skating is an excellent way to get kids moving and burning off energy.

Skating is a full-body workout that engages the legs, core, and arms. Kids who skate regularly will build strength and endurance, which will help them keep up with more challenging activities in the future. As a result, they become more active as they continue skating.

2. Improves Balance and Coordination

Skating requires balance and coordination, essential skills for children to develop. Skating helps kids learn how to balance on two feet and coordinate their movements to maintain their balance. As kids become more proficient skaters, they'll develop a better sense of spatial awareness, which will help them in other activities, such as sports and dancing.

3. Builds Self-Confidence

Learning how to skate can be challenging, but it can also be gratifying. As kids master new skills and tricks, they'll build confidence in themselves and their abilities. Skating is an activity that encourages kids to take risks and try new things.

As they progress, they'll become more comfortable taking on challenges, which will help them in other areas of their lives. Learning about self-confidence early on is beneficial in a child's development. It can help them become more comfortable as they grow older.

4. Allows Meeting People

Skating is a social activity that allows kids to meet new people. Skating rinks are often filled with people of all ages and backgrounds, allowing kids to interact with people outside of their usual social circles. Skating can also be a group activity, which makes it an excellent way for kids to bond with their friends and family.

5. Promotes Better Health

Skating is an excellent way to promote better health for children. Skating is an aerobic activity that gets the heart pumping, which helps to improve cardiovascular health. Skating also works the muscles, which helps to build strength and improve flexibility.

Regular skating can help to improve overall health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Therefore, kids will become less prone to being sick, allowing them to enjoy their childhood more. However, it is still best to partner the activity with eating healthy.


Skating is a safe and fun activity for children with numerous benefits. While it's essential to ensure that children are adequately supervised and equipped with the necessary safety gear, skating can be an excellent activity for kids of all ages and skill levels. Therefore, if you're looking for a fun and engaging activity for your children, consider taking them to the skating rink. They'll have a blast and reap the benefits of this exciting activity.

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